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Macuwell™ serves a network of independent opticians throughout Germany, providing solutions for eye health.

As many people become concerned about the health of their eyes as they age, information on the important role of good nutrition – based on rapid and precise measurements – can be an integral part of a high-quality and comprehensive consultation.

From identifying the problem by testing the optical density of the macular pigment to providing specific nutritional supplements for eye health and expert protective visual aids, Macuwell™ has made it their goal to support opticians to improve the current standard of eye care.

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What our partners say

„A thorough explanation of the dangers of blue light is a standard part of all of my consultations. It’s certainly a huge benefit to my customers that I can offer them a complete system to preserve or improve their eye health.”

C.-F. Kilpert, optician in Mölln 

„Double-digit growth! My work as a light protection expert has – as predicted – had an extremely positive impact on my entire business over the past few years. The many nationwide appointment enquiries also continue to confirm the great demand for this specialist service.“

J. Wirz, optician in Hagen/Westphalia

„We are adopting a new approach with the MacuwellTM system. It’s a system that offers my customers real added value. Every day, we experience how the digital era is straining our eyes. The MacuwellTM system is the answer to these changes and offers ‘internal’ and ‘external’ protection for our eyes.“

E. Petermann-Frie, optician in Nottuln

„We opted for the MacuwellTM system because we wanted to know more about the significance of light protection and AMD. But it was also important for us going forwards to be able to offer our customers sustainable solutions and be able to demonstrate personal progress.“

M. Wachter, optician in Fulda